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The best care for your best friend

Whether your dog needs a short playtime/potty break or an hour long walk/jog we can assist you. Let us help get all that energy out of your dog before you return home.

Exercise and Routine

We offer individual and small group services for your dogs & CATS (don't tell the dogs)

We also offer a variety of FREE training services

& REHABILITATION for High Anxiety and Aggression

Daily updates (photos/videos) for every client, trained adult staff & personal care!

Going away and you don't want to relocate your pet(s). We can give you the peace of mind that someone is watching your pets and home.

We also offer off-site care.

Dogs require properly supervised activity, stimulation and socialization regularly to ensure they don't develop bad habits or undue stress.

Regular assisted activity will teach positive habits, reduce anxiety and make a dog happy.

It also helps retain a healthy weight and a longer life.

pet sitting & BOARDING

We offer a variety of training programs:

We use a positive reinforcement system & trained dogs as mentors

FREE Basics: No, lay down, stay, come, etc.

FREE Manners: Leash walking, jumping, barking, etc.

Anxiety & Aggression: Dog and/or human fear

(cost based on severity)     Nipping, growling or biting 

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Now serving all of Chittenden County

Need help with the basics, not sure where to start or do you have a more severe case (high anxiety, aggression, etc.)? We have the experience to help.

Dog Walking/Potty Breaks